8 On-Page SEO Mistakes You Should Never Do

All of you know that SEO means search engine optimization and on-page SEO is very important for any blog. So, don’t do on-page SEO mistakes because your blog post will not get a high rank on the search engine.

In this post, I will tell you about on-page SEO mistakes. Check out these mistakes carefully and don’t do these on-page SEO mistakes in your blog or website.

Top on page SEO mistakes you should never do

Optimize your blog for on-page SEO and rank your post higher in search results.

Title of the post

The title of the post should always be attractive because seeing the title, most visitors click to read the post. So, choose an attractive title for your post. Add targeted keyword of the post on the title of the post, because by adding keywords title of the post is SEO friendly.

Permalink of the post

Blog Post’s permalink should always be short, and redundant URLs like,

Don’t add gettowrite.com/p=1234567. And don’t use URL too long like

gettowrite.com/forexample- forexample- forexample- forexample- forexample-. Use shorten URLs like


Meta Description

Add tour focus keyword in Meta description because Meta description tells the search engine what is on your blog post? And what is your post about?

Otherwise, search engines do not understand your post, And your keyword will get rank in the wrong place or maybe not ranked. Which will not get visitors to your blog.

So add Meta description to every post. And make your blog post-SEO-friendly.

Post Headings

Use H2 or H3 tags to give subheadings in the post, because H2 and H3 tags are best for SEO of blog posts. By adding keywords to it, it makes On-Page SEO even stronger.

Image Optimization

Must be use images Whenever you write a post. But, must optimize images because high size images slow down your page which results in a negative impact on your blog speed.

Make the image SEO Friendly, it has to be compressed and renamed before uploading.

And after uploading the image, also use the ALT tag on it, and on the alt tag, you should always use the targeted keyword of your post.

Length of paragraph

If the paragraph of the post is long then everyone has difficulty in reading paragraphs, and the result of it visitor cannot read a paragraph that directly impacts on SEO of your post.

So if you write a long paragraph on your blog then this is not a good habit. Change it today.

And you should make every paragraph of your blog post in 150 to 200 words.

Post Length

If the post is short then visitors will not like to read your post. So write every single post on your blog at a good length. And write the post in full detail.

Post Loading Speed

It is very important for you to make your blog fast loading. Because if the loading speed of the blog will not be good then no visitors will wait till your blog is open and will leave your blog.

So the loading speed of the blog should always be fast. You can read our post that is dedicated to this topic.

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If you make any mistake in these above-mentioned points then your blog post will not get a good rank on the search engines. If we made any mistake or miss some important points about on-page SEO then let us in a comment below.

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