Amazon Go Is Expanding to the Suburbs

If you’re a customer of, you’ll soon be able to take a thing off the shelf and leave the store with it without getting arrested.

It’s Amazon (AMZN) – Get It was announced on Tuesday that, Inc. would be expanding its cashier-free Amazon Go stores to the suburbs. The first one is set to open in Mill Creek, WA. Amazon also plans to open a second Go store in the Los Angeles area.

Like other Amazon Go stores, this one will use technology that lets customers buy things without ever having to talk to a cashier. Using the Amazon app, you scan in and then choose what you want to buy. The app automatically charges you for the items, which you pay for.
The technology can tell when products are taken off or put back on the shelves, and it keeps track of them in a virtual cart. You can leave the store when you’re done shopping. A receipt is sent to your Amazon account after you buy something.

Just Walk Out Shopping: “We think local residents and commuters will enjoy the convenience of shopping for ready-to-eat food and grab-and-go drinks and snacks right in their own neighborhood,” Amazon said in a statement.

Drive Up, Grab and Go

Already, Amazon has stores called Amazon Go in four states. Most of them are in cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, where there is a lot of foot traffic.

There are now more people in the ‘burbs. Amazon said that the new suburban Go stores will have snacks, everyday essentials, beverages, and grab-and-go food items, among other things.

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