Dubai To USA,UK, Canada, France, Italy and Europe Free Visa

Many people who are natives of Dubai or working in Dubai as a foreigners are interested in visiting different countries in the world for example USA, UK ,Canada, France ,Italy and Europe but they haven’t found any opportunity to get visas for these countries but their problem has been solved because we have presented legal and best methods for getting free visa for given countries so that you may get the opportunity to visit these countries as a tourist or get residential opportunities in these countries.

Dubai passport is available to visit 139 countries across the world but most of the people are interested in visiting these 6 countries which we have described Above and we will shortlist these countries as well in this article so that you may get thorough knowledge about getting free visa of these countries and also travel expensive will be described.

We will explain before you in this article that how you will get free visa for these countries and then will also discuss public FAQs about the visas and at the end of this article we will describe some prose and cons while getting these visa so stick with us right till the end so that you may get complete guide about free visa of these countries so that you may visit these countries and get your desires fullfilled.

Ticket Dubai To USA Free Visa

Dubai to USA free visa is available for you by multiple methods. Visa can be gotten by visiting embassy over through any lucky draw better Dubai is presenting these visas to visit USA for persons, who are permanent passport holders of USA. You will have to apply before 15 days of your plan to visit USA so that you are visa may get all legal super visions covered and you will get opportunity to visit USA from Dubai.

UAE To USA Ticket Prices

Tickets prices vary for different countries and different airlines from Dubai but if we talk about ticket prices from Dubai to USA these are somewhere between 1000 dollars to 1800 dollars and vary with airlines and classes of airlines which you will choose for example economy and business classes have different amount of money to demand from you for visiting.

Ticket Dubai To USA Free Visa

Dubai To UK free visa is also available for those people who have full and permanent Britain passport to use and this visa is gettable for all kind of people whether they are permanent residence of Dubai or they have visited the by from any other countries.

Dubai To UK Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are somewhere between 900 dollars to 1500 but as described in above case that ticket prices will very according to airline you choose and no other factor will effect the price of tickets but your urgency can.

Ticket Dubai To France Free Visa Method

Many people are interested in visiting France from Dubai and they are eager to find right place and right platform to visit France from Dubai and there also willing to get free visa for visiting France so here is the opportunity for you by which you will get free visa from Dubai to France and you will be able to visit France without paying any cost for Visa.

For visiting France you will have to go to France embassy in Dubai and there you will find offers to get free visa or you can also find right platforms through official website of France embassy to get free visa online.

Dubai To France Tickets Price

As we have described earlier that tickets prices are different for different airlines which you choose to travel so if you are visiting France through your favourite airline then you will have to pay somewhere between 900 to 1800 dollars.

Ticket Dubai To Italy Free visa Method Guide

Visiting Europe from Dubai is just like a dream for every person in Dubai because they also love their weather and they are also willing to work in Italy and find free visa to visit Italy from Dubai. For this purpose you will have to find free visa for Italy by visiting Italian embassy in Dubai old find offers to get free visa through lucky draw.

You can also find different opportunities if you have a permanent Italian passport then UAE government will offer you free visa so you must pay attention for getting permanent Italian passport and then you will be able to get free visa for visiting France to fullfil your desires.

UAE To Italy Price For Tickets

You will pay approximately thousand Dollars for each kind of flight for visiting Italy from Dubai.

Ticket Dubai To Canada Free Visa

Dubai to Canada free visa is available for different kind of people and is also based on religion to which people belong and this thing will effect on ease by which you will get visa. For example people belonging to majority of Canadian religion will get a permanent Canadian passport when they are in dubai so they will get free visa more easily through Canadian embassy.

Other people have also opportunities to get these Visa free by visiting embassy over getting opportunities through online official website of Canadian embassy or by getting permanent passports for Canada.

UAE To Canada Ticket Prices

Perhaps Canada is the most expensive country to visit from Dubai through airlines because it has a long distance from Dubai by which you will have to pay highest number of amount for travelling.

Ticket prices are not much different for different airlines but these prices start somewhere from $2000. This amount of ticket prices is perhaps highest amongst other 139 countries which you can visit from Dubai.

Ticket Dubai To Europe Free Visa

You can visit Europe easily from Dubai because the buy to Europe free visa is now available for you in Dubai if you visit to European embassy and any European country can be visited easily by just applying free visa and waiting for your turn.

UAE To Europe Tickets Price

Tickets are sold somewhere between $1000 to $1600 for visiting Europe from Dubai.

So this was some basic information about getting free visa from Dubai to UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy and Europe. 

Expenses are Only For Your Passport and for airlines through which you visit these countries.


Is Dubai To UK Visa Free?

Yes, people who hold a permanent British passport are able to get free visa from Dubai to UK and also have facilities in UK.

How Can We Get Free Visa For Different Countries From Dubai?

2 methods are basically used to get free visa from Dubai for different countries.

  1. Visiting respective country’s embassy
  2. Pre booking online


Getting visa for above given countries will make you able to fullfill your wishes and also have more opportunities for earning.


Different kind of scams can happen through different agents so, you will have to choose a trusted 3rd party for applying visa .


We have found best ways to get Dubai To UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy and Europe free Visa in this article and also have discussed travel expenses. So, don’t miss this opportunity and visit countries of your interest from Dubai.

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