How Dubai Lottery Works? Complete Guide For Residents And Foreigners

How Dubai Lottery Works? Complete Guide For Residents And Foreigners

Dubai lottery is kind of a lucky draw which happens on daily or weekly basis in different locations in Dubai and foreigners and residence can participate in this lucky draw by buying tickets which cost different and their cost depends upon the prize which you will get after lucky draw.

In many cases Dubai lottery tickets cost from 50 dirhams to 500 dirhams which are approximately 14 USD to 140 USD and prizes which winners get from 1 million dirhams to 25 million and all these things matter on your luck after buying a ticket.

We will describe here that how actually Dubai lottery tickets and lucky draw works and how you can get all these tickets and what are the rules for beginners living in other countries than Dubai. So stick to this article and enjoy the proceedings.

What Is Dubai Lottery?

As described earlier that Dubai lottery is a lucky draw to participate by buying tickets for this and different companies have different rules about a lucky draw and your prizes which you have won or given in the form of cash and some companies also give luxury items for a lucky winner.

Millions of people participate in this lucky draw because it is very much income but winning in this lucky draw is it totally dependent on your luck.

How Lucky Draw Happens In Dubai Lottery?

When you buy a ticket it has four numbers which are marked and these are special numbers which are useful while a lucky draw happens. At the time of lucky draw several balls which have numbers printed on them are thrown in a basket and then 4 of them are chosen randomly. Then numbers on those for balls are matched with the ticket numbers which you have purchased and if four numbers are matched with your four ticket numbers then you are a winner and will get your reward accordingly.

Lucky draws happen on different basis and on different locations as well. Time for a lucky draw is told to you when you buy tickets and rewards you will get after being a lucky winner are also describe on tickets and you can ask from ticket giver as well. Reward for a Dubai lottery winner depends upon the amount of ticket which he has bought for example ticket of 50 dirhams will pay you up to 1 million dirhams but a ticket of 500 dirhams will a u r word of 25 million dirhams if you are a lucky winner.

How To Buy Tickets For Dubai Lottery?

You can buy a tickets for Dubai lottery from different places in Dubai and places are also specified but if you are in any location in Dubai you can buy tickets from a nearby shop and these shops are described below that what kind of stores or shops you must have to visit for getting tickets for Dubai lottery.

  • First of all you can get these tickets online from official United Arab Emirates Lotto website which have available all kinds of tickets and you can save these tickets into your mobile phone after purchasing or you can make a print of them for matching numbers at the time of lucky draw. But if the ticket is in the form of soft copy in your mobile phone then there are no issues also because numbers at the time of lucky draw will be matched with the ticket in your phone.
  • Second you can visit Dubai Duty Free offices are Dubai retail shops which are present on international airports in Dubai and these shops will pay you tickets and save your name. They will also tell you the time for a lucky draw and reward details also but all these things are also printed on ticket which you can read.
  • Grocery stores also contain some lottery stores which are present at almost every location in dubai so you can visit your nearby grocery store and find lottery store there for Dubai lottery and can buy ticket and participate in Dubai lottery lucky draw.

Is Dubai Lottery Available For Foreigners?

Yes surely foreigners can also participate in Dubai lottery through their lottery websites which are available internationally and they will buy tickets from these websites and will also participate in lucky draws and their income Will arrive in their account if they are lucky winners but from their cash prize and amount of certain duty will cut as the payment is international.

Can Tourists Participate In Dubai Lottery?

Tourists can also participate in a Dubai lottery but best way to participate in Dubai lotary for a tourist is that they must hier Dubai resident for participating in a lucky draw. Getting assist by a Dubai resident is an amazing thing for a tourist as he holds the national identity card of Dubai also and will not pay any kind of duty on cash prize which will be won.

Tourists will surely pay taxes or duty if they want to return this amount to their residential country but if they want to spend this money in Dubai then certainly they will not be any kind of Duty.

Rules Of Dubai Lottery.

Bharat Dubai residence certain rules are made to participate in a Dubai lottery which are described below.

  • First of all you must have a Dubai resident to participate in a Dubai lottery duty free and you will get tickets also without paying any duty.
  • You can pay for Dubai lottery tickets online and in the form of live cash as well.
  • Tickets must be valid and must not included in a lucky draw which has happened before.
  • Lucky draw happens in a very transparent manner so you will not appeal for any kind of misconception because numbers are matched before every person and lucky winner also announced their.
  • As described earlier rule is that several balls will be thrown in a basket and four of them will be chosen and numbers on these balls are matched with the numbers of tickets.
  • Your cash prize will arrive at the same time you have won in lucky draw.
  • To participate in Dubai lottery lucky draw you must also have a Dubai ID card to get duty free prize.

How Much Does Dubai Lottery Cost?

Dubai lottery will cost you from approximately 50 dirhams up to 500 dirhams and lucky winner will get a price rangeing from 1 million dirhams to 25 million dirhams.

Prices can also be in the form of cars ,electronics ,jewellery and other luxury items.


Dubai lottery is designed to change your fate has you get a huge prize and can run your business from this prize but you must have to be lucky enough to get winning prize because millions of people from foreign and local participate in a Dubai lottery lucky draw. As described earlier that Dubai lottery proceedings held in very transparent manner so you have no worries about any kind of fraud in this particular task. So get your tickets from nearby shops which are described and do participate in Dubai lottery and best of luck for you to be a lucky winner.

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