This is no iPhone 13 Lite: iPhone SE 3 set to launch in March ’22

The third-generation iPhone SE is rumored to have entered production already, at least this is what the world thinks based on an exciting report from analysts in Taiwan. However, the smartphone which is touted to launch in March 2022 is not supposed to be as visually appealing as the iPhone 13, which was rather successful in terms f sales. Will we receive another ancient iPhone with fat bezels? Only time will tell.


  • The iPhone SE (2022) is allegedly already in production.
  • Apple was supposed to stick to the old design featuring a home button for the more affordable iPhone.
  • In return, we could see 5G connectivity included.

Straight from the rumor mill, here’s a new announcement about the upcoming iPhone SE! This third-generation handset will most likely have entered production already, playing the role of Apple’s most affordable smartphone. If the rumors are true (according to WinFuture), based on what the Taiwanese analysts from TrendForce mentioned, then the smartphone’s development has already been completed. Thus, the device could hit the market as early as March 2022.

This is an interesting rumor because after all, the iPhone 13 has a more futuristic design with a smaller notch and far superior cameras, which lit up the smartphone world a few weeks ago. But those who are now looking forward to a mini version of the iPhone 13 at a lower price point will probably be bitterly disappointed when March rolls around. Apparently, Apple is still sticking to the same old design, which debuted with the iPhone 8 series.

At least 5G should be supported in the new iPhone SE

Even in our review of the second-generation iPhone SE, this design seemed to be very old-fashioned. Yet, with the introduction of the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 12 mini, Apple showed just how a small form factor with an edge-to-edge display design is feasible. While the iPhone SE 3 will probably not deliver anything new in terms of looks, Apple does look likely to take the smartphone to a new level in terms of technology.

Even last year, all the iPhones launched were compatible with the new 5G mobile standard. It’s likely to be the same next year, as analysts continue to speculate that 5G will make its way into the SE, which is a good thing! Tactically, this would be a smart move, as Apple doesn’t have a 5G-capable device in its lineup, especially at the mid-range price point.

We’ll see if the rumors prove true in March 2022 at the latest. Until then, we’ll keep you updated on any new developments on our iPhone SE 3rd generation rumor page! We’ll be SEeing what happens then!

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