VIDEO: Sydney Australia Shark Attack Video

VIDEO: Sydney Australia Shark Attack Video YouTube Goes Viral On Twitter and Reddit: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines which left everyone in trauma. Yes, we are talking about an incident in which a great shark crushed a swimmer fatally. Yes, you read it right and this news has been circulating all over the internet and receiving much attention from people. Everyone is stunned after this incident. The incident took place on Wednesday ever since this news is going viral everywhere. Many people got the news till now but they didn’t get full information about the incident. So here, we are going to give you all the details about the White shark attack.

Sydney Australia Shark Attack Video

As per the sources, a great white shark that badly crashed a swimmer may have been carried by fishing bait to a pleasant location and mistaken its prey for a seal, as per the leading expert of the incident. A shocking graphic showed how the hunter launched a ‘vertical attack’. It has been revealed that a 4.5m shark crashed its victim who is expected to be a 35 years old man from Wolli Creek at Buchan Points, near Little Bay in the south-east of Sydney at around 4:30 pm on Wednesday in the first deadly attack of the city in almost 60 years.

Australia Shark Attack Video Viral On Twitter

Witnesses of the incident explained seeing the great white attack vertically in the water and land as a car ahead of dragging the victim’s body out into the ocean. A video shows how the shark attacked the helpless victim less than half of its size ahead of turning the ocean bloody red which created a panic on the shore. The authorities are not said to be planning to kill the shark and will instead drive the animal away from the mainland if it is trapped by drum lines set on the scene.

Sydney Australia Shark Attack Video YouTube

The frenzied pounce happened only 150m away from the main beach that was filled with dozens of swimmers, rock fishermen, and paddleboarders. The situation of the tragedy came out as an animal welfare advocate said that the shark is responsible for the attack that happened on Wednesday perhaps mistook its victim for a helpless seal. Humane Society International’s Lawrence Chlebeck stated that the brutal attack was incredibly rare. According to him, the shark may be mistaking the swimmer who allegedly carried a wetsuit for a seal when it launched the attack. We will update you soon with further information on the incident till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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