YouTube New Feature: Listening Controls for Android and iOS users

The YouTube app for Android and iOS has received a new update that adds permanent listening controls to all videos. For the time being, the upgrade is only available to Premium members.
Most videos have a settings menu to find the controls for listening. The “Listening Controls” option is available for some videos via a pop-up, but it isn’t available for all of them.
Video play, pause, and back/forward/next video buttons make up the conventional control configuration for this device. The upgrade includes buttons for rewinding and forwarding 10 seconds at a time.
On the control page, you’ll see the like and save buttons.
Once you activate the Listening Controls, they stay on top even if you switch to a different video.
This feature was first tried back in May by the video streaming service and was meant to add a separate music player inside the main app for its Premium customers.
As far as I know, YouTube doesn’t currently offer these features to regular users.

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