What is a Data Analytics major?

In Industrial Revolution 4.0, data has become an integral part of businesses. Not only in technology companies, but data is also dominating sectors such as finance and healthcare. Through data analysis, thereby making sound business decisions, many businesses have improved the operational efficiency of their internal apparatus. Therefore, today, businesses are in great demand for data analysts. So what is Data Analytics?

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is one of the two major branches of Data Science. Data Analytics is also an important major in the Business sector. Business managers need the knowledge to be able to use data effectively. This is an industry that is considered to be in great demand in the digital transformation era. In this industry, the data will be analyzed in-depth in the form of graphs, spreadsheets, or reports. This data is then used to identify trends, create predictive models, and make business decisions.

Career opportunities

It can be said that in the current technology race, data analyst is the job that is in high demand at the moment. The reason is that the data system is considered an extremely important resource for all production and business activities.

Students after graduating from this course at Swinburne will find employment opportunities in many different fields. Such positions can be mentioned as business and systems analyst, business process analyst, business requirements analysis, project manager, enterprise systems consultant, IS/IT consultant, business relationship management, business development management.

What is Data Analytics?

The focus of the discipline is on the knowledge and skills required for positions in the field of Data Analytics. Students will be provided with the foundational knowledge of Information Technology. The knowledge can be mentioned such as Web Development, ICT Problem Solving, Introductory Programming, Database Analysis and Design, Networking, Cloud, Data Management, Computer Systems, object embedded programming.

In addition, students will also learn in-depth knowledge of the Data Analytics major. At the same time, you will also learn how to apply analytics to the operations of businesses. These include Visualization of business intelligence and databases, Big data management, Data analysis and simulation, application of artificial intelligence to data management and decision making, control IoT devices, Robots.

Study Data Analytics at Swinburne

Sector Information Technology Swinburne was ranked 251 by discipline (QS2020) in the world and comply with accreditation standards of ACS (Australian Computer Society) of Australia. Swinburne’s Bachelor of Information Technology program has been designed to meet the evolving requirements of the industry. The curriculum updates the latest technical content in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. New technologies such as Big Data; Iodine; BlockChain; Data Science; WHO; Cloud.

Swinburne Information Technology students will learn through experiences associated with real projects at FPT Corporation. This is one of the pioneers and pioneers in digital transformation in Vietnam and around the world. Besides, with the support of FPT Corporation, a leading corporation in information technology in Vietnam, students will also be able to study with Mentors (industry experts). 

The position of students at Swinburne is the ability to work globally and join the force of IT experts in the world. Swinburne trains global citizens capable of working internationally with global knowledge and skills. This is a great opportunity for young people to take advantage of the opportunities of Vietnam’s 4.0 technology revolution.

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